4th Grade Scholar Essay and Model Contest

Each year the Old Mission San Luis Rey Historic Foundation sponsors an essay and model building contest for students in the local schools. The purpose of the contest is to encourage students to research a mission of their choice while gaining a deeper understanding of the importance the California Mission system and California Indians have played in California history.

The Foundation is proud to offer a $100 grand prize to the overall Mission Essay Contest winner with 2nd and 3rd place prizes being $75 and $50.

Prizes for the top models are awarded in the following amounts: $100 First Place, $75 Second Place, $50 Third Place, and $25 Fourth Place and are judged on their creativity, originality and authenticity.

Mission essays may be handwritten or typed by the student with a simple bibliography (two source minimum). Topics are not limited to but may include any California Mission or California Indian Band or Tribe ex. Luiseno, Cahuilla, Cupenos or other Mission Indians.

School sites will select their Top-5 entries for judging by the Mission San Luis Rey Foundation Education Committee.

For more information or questions on the Scholars for Tomorrow program contact mgleisberg@cox.net.