Pablo Tac Day

In March of each year, students who were selected from their schools as the top model builders bring their model to Pablo Tac Hall for judging by a team of judges selected from the community. The day includes a fun morning of learning and activities to honor the contributions of Pablo Tac and the Luiseno Indians for their contribution in the formation of the King of the Missions, Old Mission San Luis Rey.

Activities include: Docent tour of Old Mission San Luis Rey for parents and children; Native Talk presentation by storytellers Chaz and Cathleen. The presentation is a unique combination of storytelling and performing arts accented with music. During the presentation storytellers become Coyote, Raccoon, Woodpecker, and Mole as they share traditional California Indian tales.

Parents are encouraged to bring a sack lunch and picnic on the grounds of beautiful Old Mission San Luis Rey.

After the official judging by members of the Old Mission SLR Foundation Board and community members parents should pick up the mission model by 1 p.m.